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1.1. Prensa Ibérica Media, S.L. (hereunder, COMPANY) is an entity whose business address is in Barcelona, Av. Diagonal, nº 463 bis, 8º and is holder of Fiscal Identity Code (C.I.F.) number: B-66603267. The contact email address is the following:
This entity is registered in the Barcelona Mercantile Register, Volume 45.015, Sheet 49, Page Number B-474347, 1st registration.

1.2 The domain name used is and is owned by the COMPANY.

1.3 The contents within are produced by the COMPANY. The production of the Web Site and the technological medium needed for its broadcasting in the Internet corresponds to RECURSOS EN LA RED, S.L. (hereunder, RenR).


2.1. These are the general conditions (hereunder, general conditions) which regulate the access, navigation and use of the Web Sites under the domain (hereunder, or Web Site), as well as the responsibilities derived from the use of the contents (“contents” to be understood hereafter as all texts, graphics, illustrations, designs, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, data bases, pictures, expressions and information, as well as any other creation protected by national laws and international treaties regarding intellectual and industrial propriety).

In this sense, it will be understood that the user is the person who accesses, navigates, uses or takes part in the services and activities, free or onerous, developed in

2.2.It will be understood that the access or the mere use of the site by the user, implies the knowledge and the acceptance of the current general conditions of use, or those that the COMPANY has published at any given moment in which is accessed. Consequently, it is the User’s responsibility to read these general conditions of use carefully. Therefore, on registering with the Web Site, in order to make use of the services offered through, the User is obliged to carefully read the conditions, which will appear in an emergent window, and is unable to claim ignorance of them at a later date.

2.3. The COMPANY will be able to establish some particular conditions that must be fulfilled and that regulate the use and/or recruitment of specific services offered to the Users through

Before using and/or hiring these specific services given by, the User will have to read carefully the corresponding private conditions created for such an effect by the COMPANY. The use and/or the recruitment of these specific services imply the acceptance of the private conditions that regulate them in the version published by the COMPANY at the moment in which this use and/or recruitment takes place.

2.4 the COMPANY will be able to allow third parties to publicise themselves or offer their services through In these cases, the COMPANY will not be responsible for establishing the general and private conditions to be taken into account in the use, service or recruitment of these third parties’ services, and will therefore not be held responsible for them.


3.1. The COMPANY, by itself or as assignee, is holder of the operating laws of copyright and exploitation rights of its Web Site, as well as of the elements contained within it, which can be owned either by the COMPANY or, as in some cases, by third parties.

3.2. All rights reserved. In no case will it be understood that the access and navigation of the User implies a renunciation, transmission, license or even partial or total cession of these rights by the COMPANY.

3.3. The User can use the contents of the Web Site only and exclusively for his personal and private use and as long as the rights of property are respected. It remains strictly forbidden the total or partial reproduction with commercial purposes; its distribution, public communication, including the disposal of all or part of the contents without the COMPANY´s authorization.

3.4 Consequently, it is not permitted to suppress, elude or manipulate the copyrights’ notice («copyright») or any other identification data of the COMPANY’s rights or those of its holders which are incorporated in the contents of the Website. This also stands true for the technical devices of protection or any mechanisms of information and/or identification which could be included in the contents.


4.1. The User’s access to is free. However, some of the services and contents offered by the COMPANY or third parties through can be subject to the previous hiring of the service or product and to the payment of a quantity of money in the form that is determined in the corresponding Particular Hiring Conditions, in which case the User will be clearly informed

4.2. When it is necessary for the User to register or provide personal data to be able to access any of the specific services, the collection, processing and, in some cases, the cession or access of the User’s personal data will comply with the Privacy Policy described further on.

4.3. The hiring of products and services to minors through is forbidden.

In any case, minors should obtain appropriately and beforehand, the consent of their parents, tutors or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for the acts that the minors carry out according to the current law.


5.1. If, for the use of a service in, the User has to register, he will be responsible for providing true and legal information. If, as consequence of the registration, the User is given a password, the User commits himself to make use of it diligently and confidentially. Consequently, the User is responsible for the adequate custody and confidentiality of any identifiers and/or passwords that are supplied by the COMPANY, and is committed not to yield its use to third parties, or to allow its access to unauthorized persons.

The User will be obliged to immediately notify of any situation that might allow the improper use of the identifiers and/or passwords, such as the theft, loss, or the unauthorized access to them, for its immediate cancellation. As long as such facts are not communicated, the COMPANY, will remain exempted from any responsibility that might be derived from the improper use of the identifiers or passwords by unauthorized third parties.

The access, navigation and use of is the responsibility of the User, who commits himself to assiduously and faithfully observe any additional instructions given by the COMPANY or by the COMPANY’s authorized staff, related to the use of and of its contents.
Therefore, the User obliges himself to use the contents and services in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and, in particular, the User commits himself to refrain from using the contents with purposes or effects contrary to the law, to the morality and generally accepted norms or to the public order.

The User commits to making adequate use of the contents and services of chat, discussion forums or news discussion services that the COMPANY offers through its Web Sites and, by way of information without limitation, not to use them for:
(i) committing activities which are illicit, illegal or contrary to the good faith and to the public order;

(ii) spreading contents or advertising of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic, or illegal nature, or justifying terrorism or prejudice against human rights;

(iii) provoking failures in the network systems of, its suppliers or third parties, to introduce or spread computer viruses in the network or any other technical systems which are susceptible of provoking the previously mentioned damages;

(iv) trying to access and use the e-mail accounts of other users and modifying or manipulating their messages.

5.5 The COMPANY reserves the right, at its own request or by a third party, to deny access to its Web site and to withdraw without previous warning all those comments and contributions that interfere with the respect towards the dignity of people, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, which go against youth or childhood, against order or law, or which, to the COMPANY’s own judgment, are not adequate for publication or do not comply with the present general conditions of use.
In any case, the COMPANY will not be responsible for the Users’ opinions in forums, chats, or other participation tools.


6.1. In the case that the User sends information of any type to, he declares, guarantees and accepts that he has the right to do so freely, that this information does not infringe any intellectual, or brand copyright, any right of patent, commercial secret, or any other right of third parties, that this information does not have confidential character and that this information is not harmful to third parties.

6.2 .The User assumes responsibility and will leave the COMPANY undamaged for any communication that he supplies personally or in his name. This responsibility, without any restriction, implies the accuracy, legality, originality and entitlement of it.

6.3. The acceptance of the present general conditions implies the free and exclusive cession on behalf of the User, for everyone, with the maximum legal duration, of any operating copyright (reproduction rights, distribution, transformation and public communication) or industry right that the User might exhibit on the communications that he carries out through or to the COMPANY. This cession includes the faculty of third party cessions and the cession for digital publications or any other formats.


The COMPANY will not be responsible for damages of any nature which may derive from the use of the information on the website or for any technical problems you may experience with the site (for example, errors or omissions in the contents or interruption of the Website).

The COMPANY does not warrant that the web site will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the web connection or the servers that make the website available are free from viruses or other harmful components.


8.1. At, the User may find hyperlinks to other Web sites by means of buttons, links, banners, etc., which are controlled by third parties.
The COMPANY declares that the contents of other Web site pages accessed through the COMPANY´s web site links are not previously controlled and therefore the COMPANY will not assume any responsibility for the contents of other web site pages nor guaranties the functioning, access, data, reliability, accuracy, veracity, validity and constitution of any material or information contained in these web sites.

8.2. The setting of any type of link by to another foreign Web Site does not imply that there is some type of relationship, collaboration or dependence between the COMPANY and the one responsible for the alien Web Site.


9.1. In fulfilment of what has been established in the Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal 15/1999, Editorial Prensa Ibérica, S.A., registered at Av. Diagonal, nº 463 bis 8º, Barcelona (Spain), as responsible for the file, informs you that the personal details that may be required as a result of subscription or registration to some of the services offered by the Site, will be included in an automated data file, with the necessary safety levels. This file is property of this company with the aim of adapting our commercial offers to your requests and being able to offer you a more personalized and effective service.

The COMPANY commits itself to complying with the duty established in the secrecy law.

Likewise, we inform you of the possibility to exert your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by addressing your request to:

Our web servers automatically detect the IP address and the domain name used by the user. The information, automatically obtained by the web servers, is totally anonymous, and in no case can it be associated with a specific and identified user.

9.5 Some of the services use cookies to facilitate navigation. If you have deactivated this option in your browser, the service might not work correctly.

9.6 The COMPANY reserves the right to modify the Policy of Data Protection to adapt it to the existing legislative and technical changes at any moment.


10.1. Complaints about the functioning or the contents of the Site can be carried out by sending a message to:

10.2 The COMPANY will prosecute the breach of the present conditions and any other improper use of the web site by executing all civil and penal actions that may apply.

10.3. Any controversy between the User and the Web site shall be governed by the laws of the Spanish legislation. Any legal action or proceeding related to this Site shall be brought exclusively in a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction sitting in the city of Barcelona.

10.4. The access to The COMPANY’s website implies the acceptance by the user of what has been disposed on this page.